2017 College Basketball Championship

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1 Villanova
16 Mt. St. Mary's

8 Wisconsin
9 Va .Tech

5 Virginia

4 Florida

11 USC

3 Baylor

7 So. Carolina
10 Marquette

2 Duke
15 Troy
1 Gonzaga
16 So. Dakota St

8 Northwestern
9 Vanderbilt

5 Notre Dame
12 Princeton

4 West Virginia
13 Bucknell

6 Maryland
11 Xavier

3 Florida St

7 St. Mary's (CA)
10 VCU

2 Arizona
15 No. Dakota
1 Kansas
16 UC Davis

8 Miami (FL)
9 Michigan St

5 Iowa St
12 Nevada

4 Purdue
13 Vermont

6 Creighton
11 URI

3 Oregon
14 Iona

7 Michigan
10 Oklahoma St

2 Louisville
15 Jacksonville St
16 Texas So.

8 Arkansas
9 Seton Hall

5 Minnesota
12 Middle Tenn.

4 Butler
13 Winthrop

6 Cincinnati
11 Kansas St.

14 Kent St

7 Dayton
10 Wichita St

2 Kentucky
15 No. Kentucky
Play-in games
Mt. St. Mary's
New Orleans
UNC Central
UC Davis
Kansas St.
Wake Forest
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Clear Selections

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Integrates new visualizations and features into Qlik Sense. Written in JavaScript.


A helper API for Extensions and Mashups. Written in JavaScript.


Merges Qlik Sense visualizations into web applications or web pages. Written in JavaScript.


Combines Qlik Sense with Windows desktop software. Written in .NET.


Connects Qlik Sense to new and custom data sources. Written in .NET.

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Matchup Details

To help you decide the winner, we've calculated the chance of victory and expected margin of victory for the game

Chance of victory

We use the Pomeroy pythagorean winning percentage as inputs for the Log5 formula to calculate chance of victory

Margin of victory

We use the difference of the Sagarin overall ratings to calculate the expected margin of victory

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